About Me (and You)

Helloo beautiful! I’m Jennifer Peek, and I think you’re brilliant.

You want: left-brained systems and methods that will help your right-brained biz flourish. A business brain to put your creative ideas, dreams and business goals into action.

I’ve got: close to 30 years of experience in both the corporate Fortune 50 and entrepreneurial realms, and I want to hand all that expertise over… to you. I’ve designed info-packed, inspiration-studded offerings that will teach you (in plain English) the most streamlined ways to get your business up and earning, pronto.

It’s time to put legs on those groovy ideas floating around in your head, on post-it notes in your desk, and in the margins of your planner. It’s time to ditch the grueling hours + icky rules that go along with the “traditional” job world.

It’s time to get busy, baby.

I can help you…

…discover which of your ideas really fit the structure and flow of your biz – and which ones absolutely don’t.
…create tailor-made, action-filled steps that will get you off the ground sooner. No more time wasted in the ‘trial and error’ phase! Yay!
…explore the range of amazing possibilities for your business so you can blossom (and profit) ASAP, and have more time to do what you love.
…amp up your geek factor on creative strategy, project planning and possibility creation for every great idea that comes your way.

So… are you ready yet? Let’s get to work!

My story…

You could say I was born with an extra ‘business bone’ in my body. I got the corporate career gene from my mamma, and the entrepreneurial exploration gene from my pops.

In the beginning…I was a numbers geek. A CPA, MBA and hard-core corporate accountant for over 20 years. At my last ‘real’ job, I led multiple teams within a multi-billion dollar Fortune 50 company, while also managing the integration of a series of acquisitions that spanned 5 years. It may sound glamorous to some, but it was also brutal… and it wasn’t enough.

I was aching for something more, something me. I launched an online financial education biz to teach parents & kids about earning, saving and spending. The next year, I formed a real estate investment firm with my hubby. Though I was still juggling my corporate job with my solo career, it wasn’t long before I was hooked on the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

There were plenty of lessons learned along the way – not all painless. I sunk lots of time and money into lots of trendy business programs or products. They were, at best, informative. At worst, a total rip-off.

And, it has all been totally worth it. Why? Because it helped me figure out who I really am…

I am structured and creative. I am facts and figures along with endless possibilities. I am a CPA and MBA that loves colored mind-maps and bubble charts. I am able to take the most complex business issue and make it sound like your mom’s favorite cake recipe – with icing. I am creative ingenuity balanced by 20+ years of Fortune 50 practicality and corporate firepower. I am a firefighting, problem-solving maven who loves, loves the mechanics of business and the beauty of creative businesses.

And, now, my stuffy corporate know-how + entrepreneurial experience = a very groovy methodology for YOUR creative biz design.

You can find out even more about why you would want me as a mentor here or check out how we can work together on your big idea.

But, before you go, a few trivia tidbits…

:: I love, love, love coffee and coffee drinks…preferably hot, even in the summer
:: I have gone skydiving, wakeboarding, snow-skiing and climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge – but never bungee-jumping or ziplining (yet…)
:: The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies (and my husband can’t stand it)
:: My tween daughter is already 3 inches taller than me – and wears a bigger shoe size.
:: I also have a 9-year old son, who can carry on an intelligent conversation like a 40-year old man (and not in THAT way!)
:: I am a child of the ‘80s and can sing (somewhat on key) nearly every non-rap song from that decade…
:: I (and thankfully, the rest of the clan) have a serious addiction to travel of all kinds.
:: I prefer Sammy Hagar to Van Halen, a good margarita to wine, the beach to the mountains, summer to winter, action adventure to romantic comedy, and I eat dessert first

If you’re dying for an “official” bio, you can find that here.

You can read more about what I’m up to (and pick up some nifty biz tips) over on my blog.

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