Your A La Carte Service Menu

As much as all-inclusive packages can rock, sometimes you don’t want or need the whole buffet when you are starting a business. You just want the salad…or the ice cream! That’s where having an a la carte menu serves women entreprenuers best. You get to hand-select what you want and what fits you for where you are now. You don’t get a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need – and you don’t pay for it either.

That is exactly what the programs and sessions on this page are designed to give women entrepreneurs starting a business: an a la carte menu full of options and choices for what you want and need to support your adventurous life, your brilliant business and your significant contribution. You can use them how they best fit you: one at a time or combined into a program that is uniquely and brilliantly you.

How it works

  • You decide what session or sessions work best for you. All sessions are 90 minutes and with an investment of $147 when purchased alone (multi-session programs will vary depending on the combinations but will be less than purchasing completely separate sessions)
  • We have a 15 to 30 minute strategy call to fully develop your personalized program components and ensure that it is exactly what you want. Click this link to get it set up!
  • You receive a customized program proposal based on our call and specifically designed to accomplish your goals
  • You accept the proposal (or we adjust it)
  • We set the date and get started as soon as you complete your payment!

With those formalities out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff: the menu!

Your Session Selections

FYNG mindful mapping menu board 150x150 <center>Your A La Carte Service Menu</center>Mindful Vision and Mission Mapping: Having your mission mapped out from the beginning of your business is one of the biggest keys to your success. We dive into the heart of what moves you to do what you do (or want to do). We focus on what makes you tick, what makes you jump out of bed and ready to take on the world. You walk away with a Vision and Mission Mindful Map that will serve as your guide for building your business with purpose.

FYNG brilliant biography menu board 150x150 <center>Your A La Carte Service Menu</center>Brilliant Business Biography: Every business should have a story. What is it going to be for yours? Stories can just happen – or they can be carefully crafted, honed and perfected. The Brilliant Business Biography session is a look into the future about what you want your business to be and the story you want it to tell over the coming months and years. It is much more than a business plan – it is your story.

FYNG clarity compass menu board 150x150 <center>Your A La Carte Service Menu</center>Creative Clarity Compass: Sometimes you just need a little clarity on where you are headed. You don’t need another to-do list or project plan. The Clarity Compass session does just that – with a creative twist. A compass is what sets your guidance on your business or on a project. Using the power of creativity, we design a compass that keeps you on track towards you end goal while allowing you lots of flexibility in the details.

FYNG life atlas menu board 150x150 <center>Your A La Carte Service Menu</center>Adventurous Life Atlas: Business planning is one thing. Adventurous life planning is quite another. In this session we develop an atlas that looks at all areas of your life – not just your business, your family or your personal interests. It all works in harmony – just like the components of a traditional world atlas except now the atlas is focused on YOUR world.

FYNG project planning pizzazz menu board 150x150 <center>Your A La Carte Service Menu</center>Project Planning Pizzazz: This is not your corporate charts and graphs with deadlines and milestones and target dates. This is planning with pizzazz! Whether you are planning a project that is a small piece of your business or the whole darn thing, this session will help you get the pieces in place with the flexibility you need to make it happen your way and on your schedule (even if that changes!).

Ready to Get Started?

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