Weekly Q+A: Business Inertia

by Jennifer on April 4, 2012

If you’ve been having a run-in with a form of business inertia like the ones I described in this week’s video tip, sometimes a swift kick in the calendar is all you need to break out that inertia. Sometimes you need a little more nudging. That’s where this week’s Q+A can help you out…

Question: Do you feel like your are pushing or dragging a giant boulder when it comes to your business? Or do you feel like you are careening out of control down a hill on a bike with no brakes?

Action: I’m guessing you could feel some physical sensation when you read the question above…and that they weren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows happy feelings. Gee…could it have been something I said? Your action this week is to figure out what specifically makes you feel that way about your business – overall or in pieces. Here are some easy fill-in-the-blank prompts to get you started but don’t forget about the simple power of a journal, a quick meditation or a walk with your dog (but pay attention or you might end up with a bloody knee…just sayin’).

:: I love my business except for ___________________________________.
:: My clients are great except when they ______________________________.
:: I love marketing except when I have to ______________________________.
:: The worst part of my business week is when I have to ________________.
:: The best part of my business week is when I get to____________________.
:: If I could hire one thing to be done by someone else, it would be ___________________________________.
:: My next business investment will be ___________________________________.

Those are just starters! What other questions or statements does that bring to your mind? Get creative – what makes you cringe like a dark basement with creaky stairs? What makes you want to dance like Ginger Rogers? It’s time to kick business inertia to the curb and follow your own rhythm…get to groovin’! Put your fingers to the keyboard and share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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