The Brilliant Business Manifesto

Are you a passionate creative entrepreneur ready to
build your business your way?

The Brilliant Business Manifesto is a Top 10 list of tips, ideas and insights to keep you focused on building your business day in and day out. Plus, it comes in two great formats so that you can always have a version with you!

The Brilliant Business Manifesto Office Art is a custom-designed one page printout that you can post in your office, keep in your planner and even frame if you want.

The Brilliant Business Manifesto Computer Wallpaper is for those times when your eyes are glued to your computer. This downloadable wallpaper can be saved straight to your hard drive and then set as your computer’s wallpaper so you always have a reminder about the business you are building your way. (Oh, and I won’t tell if you want to print this one out and frame it too!)

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