Weekly Q+A:: Gettin’ In the Mood

by Jennifer on April 11, 2012

The thing is – being a business owner isn’t always going to be fun. That doesn’t mean that you get to wait until you are in the mood before you tackle what needs to be done in your business. It doesn’t mean you get to play hooky from work on a whim. This is not a hobby!

Question: Do you wait until you are in the mood to work on your business – even if it just certain pieces?

Action: With rare exception, most of you will answer YES! to that question. Most of us have those things we just loathe doing in our businesses…so we put them off just like any other human would. Who wants to do the icky stuff?

Wellll…NO ONE wants to do it – even though the exact “it” being avoided will vary. Use these five prompts to figure out where you are waiting to be in the mood…and then use them to start kicking that procrastination to the curb!

:: I am so behind on ___________________________________, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

:: One thing I always avoid looking at in my business is my ______________________________.

:: I know I should be doing more ______________________________, but I just feel so uncomfortable/odd/unprepared.

:: If I could hire out one thing in my business it would be_______________.

:: If everything in my business were like doing ____________________, I’d love to do it all – and so much more would actually get done!

You may have the same answer on nearly every question – or different responses on every single one. The goal is to figure out where you are falling down or skating on what you need to be doing. These are the areas that you wait on – thinking that when you are in the mood it will go better, faster, smoother.

It might – but you are losing in valuable time, contacts and potential clients because you are waiting and giving into the “I don’t wanna” bad mood vibes. Waiting to be in the mood will kill your business faster than an ill-timed headache on a romantic night. It’s time to make your own mood…start acting like the successful business maven you are!

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