Groovy Grab Bag: A Voice, A Sorcerer and A Valentine

by Jennifer on April 6, 2012

Business Inertia…this week was a reminder, in ways big and small, how inertia can creep in and get the best of us. And, oh yeah, am I ever including myself in this. I got called on not bringing enough of my lovely wit to what I write by some amazing women comrades who know what they are talking about. That is totally what friends are for.

First up:: this post on who I work with and why I’m like Mary Poppins. Next up:: Stay tuned

In the interim, I’ve got some of the best stuff that can give you the ammunition to power through your own business inertia. Word of warning: there is so much great stuff here that you may be tempted to jump into everything! Be picky. Be brave. Be strategic.

groovy grab bag logo pink Groovy Grab Bag:  A Voice, A Sorcerer and A Valentine

Ever wonder what you sound like in writing? If you’ve been writing – a blog, a website, on social media – it can be easy to fall into a rhythm. That can be good…unless you start to sound like a textbook (which can be OK depending on the audience but even professors want to be a little entertained!). Enter Abby Kerr. She helps entrepreneurs up their addictability factor. Get her voice profile and find out how what you are saying is coming across. Use it to pinpoint those areas of business inertia you might not even have been thinking about. That is exactly how I am using mine. Use Abby’s spot on observations to find yours then….keep going with her or…

Hire a sorcerer to get them fixed. Hillary Weiss is a word master not to mention on cool chick to work with. Oh yeah. A quick Skype call + a couple of emails = awesome new copy. It’s your stuff but better. As one half of Youngblood Sourcery, Hillary can get your words in shape. Seriously. The smile on my face when I got my stuff from her threatened to freeze that way. She got it – then put it into better words. It’s the polish, the spit shine, the glitter, the pixie dust on YOU. Nothing beats busienss inertia like sparkle and shine, sparkle and shine. Nothing.

Sometimes we just need to get away! No – I’m not talking about a Southwest Airlines commercial. In fact, it’s not even entirely a vacation…it’s a workcation. Let me introduce you to the fabulous Anastasia Valentine and her Mentor Mondays series. Her workcation post is not just the reasons why and the general stuff on what to include. She gives you lists and ideas for what to include, where to stay, what to bring, what to wear and listen to. Seriously, I love this so much I told her she should make a product – and then I got the the first spot on the waiting list. You should send her a note and get your name on that list, too! Now, I’m plotting and scheming on how to make my escape…

Alrighty…you can take a breath now! That is one full bag o’ goodness to snap you right outta that business inertia – no matter what kind you might be suffering from. Pick one. Tell me what it is. Make it happen.

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Anastasia Valentine April 6, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Thank you soooo much for the mention and especially the teaser about the Workation Project!!! YES it will be a product and it will be juicy, informative and affordable…so you can keep your pennies for that amazing workation of course! You definitely have the top spot! Many thanks and major hugs coming to you!



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