Be a Catalyst. Work With Me.

You are the champion of creativity. A right-brained entrepreneur with brilliant ideas to spare. An imaginative business owner with tons of zest and energy.

The only thing missing is a plan. A real plan that helps you build your business and keeps you focused day in and day out. A foundation that works with your right-brained creative side and that fits your business like a well-designed glove. Except…

Every time you think about the business side, you freeze. It intimidates and maybe even scares you. You’ve tried courses – and gotten overwhelmed. You’ve read (or tried to anyway) “Business Plans for Dummies” and walked away even more confused. You’ve listened to others talk about their business and just smiled – while cringing inside that you were not up to speed on all those planning + strategy hoopla.

Here’s a secret: It’s not you. It’s them.

Are you ready to try something completely different? Something that is tailor-made for YOU. A one-on-one CATALYST session that brings together your creative genius and my strategic pixie dust. It is strategy and business planning with a unique and innovative twist – no dull business suits or boardrooms here!

CATALYST is a one-day strategy, business planning + creative business think tank, designed to help you propel your business while keeping a sense of humor and fun about it. Locking down your business strategy doesn’t need to be left-brained boring, black + white and a snooze fest…

It can be empowering, entertaining and immediate. And it should be.

These sessions bring together everything I’ve learned from building my own businesses, designing and delivering high-powered projects for a Fortune 50 company and consulting with creative entrepreneurs and dedicated business owners. I bring my (mostly) left-brain strategista, my right-brain pixie and whole suitcase full of jazzed up business ideas to you live for a fast-paced discovery + fact-finding mission that results in your very own dynamic business blueprint.

You are unique, creative and passionate. You deserve to have the confidence of a solid business foundation to rock your gifts out in the world – and get paid to do it! You deserve to be able to focus on who you are, what your business is all about and keep those creative juices flowing.

It’s time to stop hiding behind your right-brained excuses and get down to business. We will spend a day dedicated to uncovering your big business dream, discovering the way to your empire (whatever that may be for you) and designing your business plan + strategy in a very tangible and actionable way.

This isn’t about pie-in-the-sky or cookie cutter action plans and strategy maps. This is about creating your very own business world complete with just the right combination of strategic pixie dust and delightful business design.

Here’s how it works…

:: Prior to your CATALYST session, you’ll give me the full scoop on your business – your hopes + dreams, your frustrations + irritations, your roadblocks + pitfalls – to help me get to know all about you, your creative empire (even if it is under construction) and get all revved and ready for our fabulous time together. Plus, it helps me pack my suitcase with just the right tools.

On the day of your CATALYST session…

:: We dive right in with a 2-hour creative business intensive where we get into the nitty gritty of your business story to date, where it’s taken some wrong turns, leaped ahead or flat-out stalled and what your fairytale ending looks like

:: Using this along with some strategic pixie dust, we fly into a 4-hour block of focused business strategy, empire designing and product brainstorming right then and there

:: We wrap up the day with a 1-hour recap, review and wrap session where we take a high-flying trip over all that we’ve covered and outline three key steps for you to take immediately to stay in the CATALYST flow and boost your business fast

Within 72 hours of your CATALYST session, you’ll receive…

:: the creative business foundation you need without the left-brained ickiness. You’ll get your very own GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS Foundation Kit that includes must-haves like a customized business blueprint, your top five money-making ideas + implementation strategies, a dynamic business timeline that will shift and adjust to your success and right-brained checklists to keep you on track

:: mp3 recordings of our session (assuming we didn’t meet in person)

Here’s where the rubber meets the road! Time for the launch pad support you need to make this work in the real world – your CATALYST session is not a drive-by With your session plans and results firmly in hand and iPod, it’s time to move forward into the “get busy, baby!” stage where you get…

:: daily email encouragement for a week after your session to remind you of your creative awesomeness, your newfound business confidence and how your empire-in-process will change the world

:: 30 days of weekly momentum-building maneuvers to kick that creative awesomeness and newfound business confidence into high gear

:: one hour of live + in-person follow-up to answer your questions, fill in any gaps and help you re-enter the real world where you work your very own business magic to be used within 30 days of your CATALYST session

:: YOU take the ball and run with it…or bounce it…or toss it in the air. You’ll know what to do.

If lightening fast action and condensed high-impact business strategy is what you want, CATALYST is your answer.

You’ll invest $750 for the total package like this…
:: $250 upon booking to secure your spot
:: $250 a week before the session to confirm, and
:: $250 on your magic CATALYST date

I guarantee that if you show up to your CATALYST session fully engaged and ready to open your mind, heart and business to some left-brained ideas combined with right-brained magic and complete your 30 days of momentum-building business awesomeness, you will…
:: have more confidence and clarity about your business
:: know where your opportunities, options and dead-ends are
:: feel like you have a business, not a hobby
:: be more ready than ever to move your business out of the shadows and into the limelight

Curious about my Synergistic Cancellation Policy? You can check it out here.

Excited, nervous, ready to get going? The Top Secret CHANGE AGENT PlayBook gives you a preview of coming attractions. It sends you on a covert mission inside and around your business. It gives me the background and the undercover surveillance scoop that will give your CATALYST session even more momentum. Plus, you get a head start on what you can expect (although it doesn’t give away all my juicy secrets!).

If a full day of strategic pixie dust and delightful business design sounds like exactly what you need, hop on over to my inbox. I’m waiting for you…pixie dust at the ready!