Kudos + Raving Fans

“My Creative Spirit has been Unleashed!

“Jennifer literally changed my life in one hour! My coaching session with her was pure magic, and I achieved more in a one hour session than I have in 6 months. Jennifer has the unique ability to really SEE someone and understand exactly what makes them tick. I felt seen, heard, nurtured, uplifted and most of all EMPOWERED. I finally have direction, and my creative spirit has been unleashed. Gratitude for Jennifer’s extraordiary gifts is an understatement for how I feel. Working with Jennifer is the best gift you can give yourself or someone you love.”

Rhonda Locklair
Natural Health Rockstar:: Laughter Yoga + Raw Food Superhero

“An Incredible Expert on Upping Your Game…”

janis jones pic Kudos + Raving Fans“Jennifer excels at listening, navigating corporate and organizational politics, and gently but effectively giving her busy clients strategies, suggestions and encouragement to create more success in their businesses and have more fulfillment in their lives. If you want to “up your game” in any area – career, business, family and making a difference – or just want to have a more fulfilling life by living your brilliance, you should give Jennifer a call today.”

Janis Jones
Adventurous Owner + Travel Blogger
VentureTimeTravel:: Expertise + Adventures

“I Finally Stopped Playing Small…”

Sandy Hohmann Kudos + Raving Fans“Working with Jennifer has really helped me stop playing small. She has inspired me to focus on the key areas and priorities that I needed in a time of intense transition in both my professional and personal life. My confidence in navigating a whole new career path for myself and going after what I want to create a new life is off the charts. Her mentoring and coaching in the process has been invaluable!

I can now see amazing opportunities for myself and my kids that were fuzzy even just 6 months ago. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Sandy H.
Director:: Client Services

“I Can Achieve All My Business Goals Without Sacrificing…”

“Jennifer really got what I wanted – not just in creating my new business but also how important s is to me to balance my other priorities. With a preschooler and a baby on the way, I needed solid business plans that fit into my lifestyle AND helped me start creating the life I wanted to have in the coming year.

In just one Intensive planning session, we outlined my overall priorities, my business plan for the coming year and how those things all worked together. Now I know I can achieve all of my business goals while not sacrificing my other priorities. Jennifer was able to give me perspectives and ways of executing that I hadn’t even come close to considering. Her comprehensive plan gave me new and fresh excitement and feelings of great possibility!

Thanks, Jennifer!”

Kristin Hennefent
Founder:: Specialty Medical Writing Company

“From Supervisor to Manager and now Director in Less Than 4 years!”

jennifer king pic Kudos + Raving Fans“When I decided I needed mentor, the only person who came to mind was Jennifer. Her extensive business background and years of experience as a senior manager and a mom enabled her able to give me personalized, actionable feedback that has directly impacted my abilities to balance my personal and professional life.

The guidance and strategies Jennifer shared have had a big effect on my promotions from Supervisor, then Manager, and now Director of Accounting in less than 4 years.”

Jennifer King
Director:: Accounting

“Synthesized My Dreams & Created My Ideal Job!”

Cynthia Thomas pic Kudos + Raving Fans“My private Intensive with Jennifer was instrumental in helping me create my “ideal job” so I now have a comprehensive tool to evaluate opportunities and move to the next phase in my career. The exercises, plans and goals we outlined will serve me in a variety of career and business options.

Jennifer was awesome in helping me synthesize my dreams and prioritize them into real goals. In fact, I used the ideal career outline and description the very next day to confirm that an offer I received was not in line with my brilliance and what I wanted to create in my life.”

Cynthia Thomas
Director:: Cost Management

“Taking Bold Actions to a Life I Dreamed Of…”

terri ebel bio pic 150x150 Kudos + Raving Fans“From the very beginning of our work together, Jennifer’s heart and passion for helping me, a woman entrepreneur, to have and live a great, fulfilled life has given me the courage to uncover and face the deeply buried blocks to my business success, especially in handling money.

She has the ability to intuitively hear what I might not be saying and help me quickly become aware of it. She has prodded, supported, and empowered me. I am now focusing on and taking bold actions as I confidently design and create the coaching business and life I dreamed of…one of balance and freedom.

Thank you, Jennifer.”

Terri Ebel
Live, Laugh, and Prosper
Terri Ebel:: Transformational Coach

“Finally Got “Unstuck” After Years of Coaching!”

sheri rowland 150x150 Kudos + Raving Fans“I love how Jennifer listens between the lines and understands what is being left unsaid better than most anyone I have ever met. Then, she will call you out on it and make you face what you may have been hiding or shying away from.

On one call, I had the most amazing breakthrough that shed so much light on the challenges I’ve had in my financial life and my business. It was such an eye-opener for me – and I’ve been working with other coaches for years! Jennifer will get you moving NOW. Her no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase approach is exactly what I needed to get me unstuck and moving forward in key areas of my life.”

Sheri Rowland
Get Your “SASS” Back Coach
Sheri Rowland:: Get Your SASS Back!

“The Workshop Was Amazing with Ideas We Could All Use Immediately!”

Karen Allenbrand pic 150x150 Kudos + Raving Fans“Thank you, Jennifer, for your presentation on “Mastering Your Time and Amping Up Your Life,” along with the great handout materials you gave us. The attendees loved the suggestions of setting our goals for the next 6 months and focusing on one thing or project at a time even if just for 30 minutes. I also loved the idea of using a timer for tasks such as making phone calls.

Jennifer related well to the audience since she is also a busy mom with many responsibilities. Many chose accountability partners to keep on track with our goals. I look forward to seeing how everyone responds from learning to prioritize! Thank you again, Jennifer – the workshop was amazing!”

Karen Allenbrand
Mary Kay Sales Director
Karen Allenbrand:: Mary Kay Director