Who I Work With (And Why I’m Sorta Like Mary Poppins)

by Jennifer on April 5, 2012

Not everyone reads the home page.

Or the page where I talk about my day-long Catalyst session.

Or the page that sums up all the magical and not-so-magical stuff that is me.

Nope. You wanna talk to me. To hear from my mouth who I work with and what I do…and what I can create with you — left-brained business wand packed with strategic pixie dust firmly in hand. Sometimes you pick up the phone or send me an email…and we connect (love that!).

Then there are the shy ones among you. The ones I haven’t talked to or chatted online with. The ones who are looking for just the right time or thinking you need to be a little more ready. This is for you. Because it’s not really about what I offer or who I work with. It’s about how I can help YOU. It’s about how YOU can become a business diva in all your right-brained glory. It’s about YOU…and me with YOU.

Just like Mary Poppins and the kids. The movie title is about Mary Poppins, but the movie is really about the kids (and how she helps them). Like this site. My name is on the marquee, but the show is really about YOU (and how I can help you). I bring the carpet bag o’ magic – YOU get the goodies.

So…who do I work with? Who gets a glimpse inside the bag?

:: Whip-smart creative business owners who know what they want to create and can even see it in their minds but need the struture to get their dream into a solid business strategy and plan

:: Insanely passionate and talented human beings who ache to get their message and their knowledge out but struggle with how all those tactical pieces work to make that happen

:: Successful, gifted and dynamic business owners who are ready to launch their business to the next level through product expansion, added employees or new services but need the business systems, architecture and strategic plan to do it without killing themselves or their business in the process

:: Motivated (but a little anxious), Inspired (yet a tad apprehensive), Excited (but a little unsure) entrepreneurs whose attention is scattered by too many fabulous ideas, opportunities and choices

To each and everyone of you, I bring left-brained ingenuity, practical problem-solving and strategic pixie dust. Packed in a lovely carpet bag out of which I can draw the absolute best ideas and tools for your business. Just like Mary Poppins…if she had 30+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious optional.

Wanna get a little more of my pixie dust for free? Get a sneak peek into my left-brain here.

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pixel Who I Work With (And Why Im Sorta Like Mary Poppins)

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